Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Homemade Instrument-- "The Randy"(:

Two weeks ago-right before the Thanksgiving break-, my 8th period New Works class was assigned to make an homemade instrument, using just the scrap items items around our homes. The most popular instruments made were shakers and drums. Though, there were many string instruments as well. Mine was a drum, an awesome drum..."THE RANDY", after 9-time WWE Champion, Randy Orton. I. LOVE. THAT. MAN. (Refer back to my first post.) It was made from my favorite ice cream carton, cookies 'n cream. The carton was covered in manilla paper, with purple and black stripes circling it and a red sparkly material tied around it. Also, what Beppy called them  colorful "puff balls" on the red sparkly material. The lid was painted red with glitter all over it . It's so pretty<3. Turns out, Mr. Richards was impressed with it too..he asked if it could be used as a fashion statement and made me walk with it on my head. Pretty cool, eh?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lines in the Arts

Last New Works class, we began our study on lines in the arts. We discussed how lines in music, theatre, visual art and dance are practiced. Lines in music are the staff. If there was no staff in music, there would be no way to tell what notes to play. The musical staff includes the lines and spaces of a piece that gives each note. In theatre, lines are the words in which the actor/actress says on stage. The script is the lines. Without lines in a play, there's no verbal speech. Visual Artists use lines in their work by the lines being a part of the fundamental base in their drawing. Lines in dance are the movements and pathways by which the dancer performs. As you can tell, lines are very essential in the arts.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My First Blog

Hey wassup,I'm Tyra:)This is my first blog!! I'm a student at the most prestigious and oh-so-amaaazing arts magnet(theatre cluster). I plan to grow up and become a well know stage actress and Tony award winner.. Outside of theatre,my hobbies include shopping, shopping and, of course, more shopping.If ever approached with opportunity,I would so live there..I'm a fanatic over the sports world!!!! The Dallas Mavs, Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers are the best teams ever. Also, shout out to WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment). Randy Orton's biggest fan right here<3.. Well that just about sums up myself!Expect many more blogs to come from me!